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4 Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

Mirrors can add pizzaz to any room in your house. They can amplify the existing style, maximize the amount of light and make space appear larger. Here are some tips on how to use mirrors to decorate your home.


Choose a Style

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Whether the look of your space is country classic or ultra-modern, there’s a mirror that will match the decor in your home. The frames can be made of wood or metal, and the glass can be smokey, etched or glazed. These can be good options if the mirrors are decorative rather than functional.


Use More Than One

Using multiple mirrors will create a dynamic look. Proportion is key. Make sure the space between each mirror is equal. Either use several larger mirrors or create a gallery wall of smaller mirrors. To create a harmonious look, make sure the frames are all the same colour or made of the same type of material.


Opt for Big in Tiny Spaces

Small rooms are great places for large mirrors. They can add more visual space and amplify light, thereby making the room much bigger. Vertical mirrors work best in rooms where you want to emphasize high ceilings, while horizontal mirrors should be used to visually elongate a room. Consider adding a mirror to the end of a hallway to give it depth.


Hang Them the Right Way

If you don’t hang your mirror properly, it may sit unevenly against the wall and distort the reflection. It could also fall and shatter. Keep in mind that mirrors can’t be hung like a picture, as a nail and/or a hook with a single wire won’t be able to support a mirror’s weight. If a mirror comes with “D” rings on the back, ensure each one has its own nail/hook.


Consult a Professional Glazier

When it comes to custom glass, including mirrors and architectural windows, trust All-West Glass. We’re a well-established window and door company with over 50 years of experience. We have a variety of pre-cut mirrors for sale and can also custom design and cut a mirror to meet your specific needs.

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