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5 Reasons To Choose a Fibreglass Door for Your Home

Your front door plays a key part in keeping you and your family safe from the elements. However, it also influences the overall look and curb appeal of your home. Fortunately, fibreglass doors come in a variety of styles. Here are five reasons you should consider this versatile material for your home’s entrance.


It’s energy-efficient: High-efficiency fibreglass doors feature insulated cores that block the wind and minimize heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your house. This makes it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature within your home, and you’ll consequently spend less on heating and cooling your house. 

It requires very little maintenance: Fibreglass is exceptionally easy to maintain. This is because it’s impervious to wind, rain and other elements that might damage other materials. All you’ll need to do is refinish the exterior every few years in order to keep it looking brand new. 

It looks great: Fibreglass doors come in a wide array of designs. Choose a traditional woodgrain-style door or one with an ultramodern look. There are colour and customization options to suit every type of home. 

It lasts a long time: While wood and other materials can crack, warp or rot over the years, your fibreglass door will stand the test of time. Additionally, because the material is lightweight compared to other types, there tends to be less wear and tear on the hinges and doorframe. 

It’s secure: Because fibreglass doors are so sturdy, they offer more protection than those made of other materials. What’s more, they can be fitted with multi-point locks and reinforced with steel plates, greatly reduce the possibility of forced entry. 


Things To Consider When Choosing a New Fibreglass Door

To ensure the exterior of your home has a cohesive look, you should consider the colour and style of your house when selecting your new fibreglass front door. If you’re also changing the windows, make sure they match the door and exterior too. 


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