Photo of a technician placing a new windshield on a car

Frequently asked questions about windshield replacement

If you’ve never had your windshield replaced or repaired, you probably have some questions about the process. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about windshield repair


How is a windshield replaced?

Windshields are attached to the vehicle body with urethane, so the first step in replacing a windshield is to remove the old urethane. Then, both the vehicle and new windshield are prepared with new urethane, the windshield is mounted to the vehicle and the urethane is given time to cure.


How long does it take to replace a windshield?

Most windshield replacements can be completed in about three or four hours. This allows time to remove and replace your windshield, plus time for the adhesive to cure. Without this curing time, your windshield could detach from your vehicle in an accident. The amount of time depends on the type of urethane used, the temperature, the humidity and the type of airbag system in your car.


How is auto glass different than other glass?

The glass in your windshield is designed so that it doesn’t shatter on impact, keeping people inside the vehicle safer in an accident. The glass is laminated, meaning there are two layers of glass with a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between them, so the glass may break but won’t shatter.


Can cracks in your windshield spread?

Yes, if left unattended, a crack in your windshield can spread. This is due to temperature fluctuations which cause the glass to expand and contract. Cracks can also get worse by the shaking and vibrations caused by driving on rough roads and hitting potholes.


Therefore, getting small cracks and chips repaired as soon as possible is essential. Auto glass centres inject resin into the damaged area to repair the damage and prevent it from worsening.


When should you replace a cracked or chipped windshield?

You should replace a damaged windshield if a chip is larger than a quarter or if a crack is longer than a dollar bill. Replacement is necessary if the chip or crack goes through more than one layer of the glass. If you can feel the damage from the inside, then you need to get your windshield replaced. Get your windshield replaced if the damage is close to the edge, as it could affect the structural integrity of the glass.


Windshield replacement and rock chip repair in Edmonton

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