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Getting ready to buy windows or have them installed? Stop here first for an overview of the purchase and installation process, and then visit our Window Installation Services page for detailed preparation guidelines.

windows faq's

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windows Faq's

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Q: Do you offer financing?

A:  No. We recommend speaking with your financial institution about arranging financing for your project.

Q: How much time will it take to have my windows manufactured and installed?

A:  Delivery and installation times for your order will vary depending on where you live and the time of year you place your order. Summer and fall are peak times of the year in window sales, and this can mean a longer wait for you. Your sales consultant will provide you with an appropriate time frame and keep you up-to-date on the progress of your order.

Q: Who will install my windows?

A:  Our qualified glaziers are professionally certified to install your new windows. Of course, some individuals would prefer to complete installation themselves or have a familiar contractor do the work. The choice is yours.

Q: What if there is a problem with my windows or the installation?

A:  Our windows are fully covered by manufacturer guarantee, and All-West Glass guarantees installation workmanship for one full year after installation is complete. If you have any concerns about your windows or their installation, please contact your sales representative right away.

Q: Why are my windows drafty? Will new windows stop the draft?

A:  Drafty windows and air infiltration can be caused by several things. Improper installation is often the culprit, and defect and normally be corrected without removing or replacing the window. Proper caulking and flashing should prevent perimeter air leakage.

Drafty windows and air infiltration can be caused by several things. Improper installation is often the culprit, and defect and normally be corrected without removing or replacing the window. Proper caulking and flashing should prevent perimeter air leakage.

However, if the installation has twisted the window frame (causing the sash weatherstrip not to be able to seal the sash to the frame), window removal may be necessary, and you’ll need to work with a builder or a contractor to correct the problem. If the leak is between the frame and the sash and the window has been installed square, plumb, level and is not twisted or racked, the problem may be construction of the window or its design.

Sometimes, what seems to be a draft is actually just cold air flowing down the window’s surface and cooling the room air adjacent to it. In these situations, a more energy efficient window can often solve the problem.

Q: Will new windows eliminate condensation?

A:  Condensation is a direct result of interior humidity and the difference between indoor and outside air temperature. If the humidity in your house is low, then the likelihood of experiencing condensation is also low. However, energy efficient windows help reduce condensation. Here’s why: high performance windows with low U-factors result in inside glass surface temperatures much closer to the room air temperature. Windows with warm edge technologies and non-metal frames are also less likely to have condensation on the frame or at the edge of the glass. Insulated “superwindows” with three or more layers will virtually eliminate condensation on the interior surface of the glass—even under extreme cold weather conditions.

Note that in certain conditions (humid mornings after a clear night sky), some superwindows may have dew on their outside surface. These windows are such good insulators, the dew is condensing there just like it does on an insulated wall.

Q: What is the best method for removing residue or other stubborn materials from glass?

A:  Stickers, caulking and other adhesives are best removed by wetting the area with a quality glass cleaner and gently scraping with a single-edged razor blade. Stubborn residues can be removed by buffing lightly with a very fine steel wool soap pad or scrub sponge and lots of glass cleaner or soapy water.

Q: Can I buy All-West Glass brand glass cleaner at your stores?

A:  Yes! People come from far and wide to purchase our glass cleaner. Once you try it, you will never want to use any other!

We guarantee that all repairs we perform meet or exceed Canadian automotive glass industry standards.

This guarantee protects you against defective workmanship or materials* and is valid from the date of issue for the life of the vehicle, provided it remains owned by/registered to you.



*Please note: Coverage for damages caused by or resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance or care of the vehicle are excluded.

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