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Are Bow Windows Going Out of Style?

inside view of bay windows

Have you noticed your neighbours replacing their bow windows and wondered whether they’re going out of fashion? This classic feature enhances a home’s exterior and interior, adding an aura of elegance and romance. If you’ve observed that they’re being replaced with different types of windows, it’s most likely for another reason.

Why Choose Bow Windows?

Bow windows are a key feature of Victorian homes. Artificial lighting was more difficult to achieve in bygone days, so bow windows were favoured because they optimized the natural light coming into a room. Today, they’re desired for curb appeal and the added interior space they provide. Who doesn’t love a cozy reading nook by a great bow window?

Why NOT Choose Bow Windows?

If bow windows are falling out of favour, it’s not because of style. The most significant downside of installing bow windows is their effect on energy efficiency in your home. Glass is light and heat permeable. The very thing that optimized light in earlier ages is the same thing that compromises your home’s ability to maintain a regulated indoor temperature.

Modern adaptations like updated window frames and glazing can improve the energy efficiency of these windows. However, many homeowners are opting instead for an attractive alternative, the bay window.

Bow Windows vs. Bay Windows

What’s the difference? Both bow windows and bay windows project outward from your house. A bow window is curved, the arch formed by multiple casement windows, typically four or more. A bay window typically has only three panes forming a square- or polygon-shaped interior space.

The physics of a bay window’s structure allows you to add more floor space to your home’s interior. With fewer panes than a bow window, there are fewer openings through which air can escape. That means your internal temperature can remain more stable.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Some experts advise replacing windows that are more than ten years old because technological innovations are making new windows so much more energy efficient. You could potentially recover your investment in new windows with the money you save on heating your home. At the very least, your efficiency gains will offset the cost of giving your home a fresh new look.

Window Replacement and Installation in Northwest Canada

The team at All-West Glass has the knowledge and expertise to help you select and install windows that will provide your ideal combination of style and energy efficiency. We have locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and Northwest Territories. Contact us today to talk with an expert about your window replacement.


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