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Custom Glasswork Ideas for Your Home

glass mirror and glass railings in home entryway

If you’re updating the décor in your home, you’re probably considering new textures and colours. But have you considered what a little more glass can do for your space? Here’s a guide to how custom glass design can renew your interior spaces.

Good Reasons to Add More Glass to Your Décor

Glass can enhance both your décor and comfort. Consider these reasons to incorporate more glass in your living spaces:

  • It amplifies natural light. Even small glass features within your home can have a reflective or cascading effect on existing light.

  • It can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Adding glass to your exterior walls lets you benefit from the natural light and warmth of the sun.

  • It’s good for your health. You’ve heard of the health benefits of the great outdoors, but a great view can also positively impact your well-being, and even your eyesight.

If you already have prominent glass features like a skylight or curtain wall, introducing smaller glass details will help harmonize the space.

Small Glass Accents

If your plan doesn’t include a major renovation, you can still incorporate small custom glass elements into your existing spaces.

  • Custom-shaped mirror. You already know that mirrors can increase the light in your home. Rather than buying an off-the-shelf piece, consider how striking a custom-fit mirror could be in that awkward little nook.

  • Glass table tops. Make your home feel airier and more spacious by adding glass coffee and end tables. With custom cutting, you can play with interesting shapes.

  • Glass shelving. Floating shelves are a popular way of introducing glass to a space. You might also consider updating your existing bookshelves or storage units with custom glass shelving.

Large Glass Features

When you’re ready to pull out all the stops, custom glass design makes an excellent springboard for your home renovation project.

  • Curtain wall. For the nature lover, a curtain wall lets you bring the outdoors in. With multiple customization options for glazing, tinting and alternative materials, you’ll be amazed at how much personality you can bring to a glass wall.

  • Accent wall. An accent wall featuring custom-fitted glass is an absolute showstopper. Make it a mirrored wall or use back-painted glass to give your chosen colour a contemporary gloss. Custom cutting allows you to fit that glass feature to your mantle or existing shelving.

  • Shower enclosure. Turn your self-care into a luxury spa experience with a glass shower enclosure customized to your personal creature comforts.

With custom glass design, your only limit is your imagination.

Custom Glass Design Across Northwest Canada

All-West Glass is your trusted source for custom glass services. Our staff is specially trained, bonded and insured, and our work is guaranteed. We serve homes and businesses in northwestern Canada from 18 locations, including Dawson Creek, Prince George and Edmonton. Contact us today to speak with a custom glass expert.


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