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windows Edmonton

Before you spend thousands on a renovation and overhaul your floorplan, you might want to consider your windows.

Windows and mirrors play a dramatic role in transformations, and for a fraction of the cost compared to home renovations, you can create space in your Edmonton home. How Mirrors and Windows Boost Your Square Footage Appearance If your home feels smaller or even darker than you like, the answer could be as simple as adding more mirrors to your décor or upgrading your windows. Here are just a few ways that glass transforms your space, and some ideas for implementing them today: • Make a Window Inside a Room for More Light and Illusion of More Space: In a small living space, consider creating a mirror fixture that is cut to mimic a window. It reflects your living space back, but when you look toward it, you get the feeling you have an entirely new room beyond – even though it is only a reflection. Also, because mirrors naturally reflect light, you may notice your living space seems brighter during the day. • Add Mirrors to Kitchen Walls without Windows: If a few walls in your kitchen have no windows, they do not have the luxury of bringing in natural light. Consider having custom-made mirrors installed in the shapes like windows already present in your kitchen to increase natural light and make your kitchen feel less closed off from the rest of the house. • Upgrade to Bay Windows: Bay windows are grand, and because of their unique shape, they give the appearance of more space. They also add plenty of natural light into the room. Bay windows can be customized to your space, and they do not require a full renovation to install either. In fact, a window designer can work with the existing space created for previous windows and convert it into a spacious bay version instead. • Use Mirrors for Wall Decorations: Mixed in between your favourite canvas, family photographs, and other décor on the wall, you can add a few decorative mirrors. Grouping small mirrors in different shapes and sizes will save you the cost of one grand mirror on the wall but also add dimension and personality. • Add a Mirror Behind the Stove: Have you ever noticed that behind your stove, it seems darker than the rest of the house? Mirrors bounce the available light in your kitchen, but also give you the illusion of a room beyond the stove – making for an excellent focal point in your design. Whether you want to upgrade your windows for your home, or you would like to look into custom mirrors, let the team at All-West Glass come out and give you a quote on your next job. All-West Glass offers everything from custom mirrors to glass replacement in Edmonton and surrounding cities. Find a location near you for a quote today. You may also reach us online to learn more about our windows.

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