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window repair in Northwestern Canada

Keep your windows in shape all year round with maintenance tips from the team at All-West Glass.

Here are four ways to preserve window performance for as long as possible. 1. Clean them regularly and thoroughly Wipe down wooden window frames with a damp cloth every few weeks to remove dirt and dust. For vinyl and aluminum-framed windows, you can use a mild detergent or a blend of water, white vinegar and baking soda. Every six to 12 months, thoroughly clean the entire window. Use a toothbrush to scrub the hard-to-reach corners of the window tracks. Don’t forget to check the hardware for grime. 2. Remove screens before winter Window screens are practical during the summer, but they should be removed when the weather gets cold. Screens trap condensation near your windows during the winter and increase the risk of mould. Snow and ice can also get stuck between the screen and the window and cause damage. By removing the screens, you’ll also maximize the natural light and heat in your home during the winter. Take the opportunity to clean your screens before you put them into storage. 3. Inspect and touch-up Check for drafts and leaks when you clean your windows and whenever there’s a significant change in weather. Air and water seepage are common signs of a broken window seal or worn-out weatherstrip. Caulk the cracks or replace the weatherstrip to preserve the energy efficiency of your windows and prevent water damage. If you notice small areas of rot in a wooden window frame, use a chisel or flathead screwdriver to scrape off the damage and fill the gap with epoxy putty. You should also repaint exterior wooden and metal window frames every three or four years to protect them from the elements. 4. Don’t postpone repairs Many common problems can be simple and relatively inexpensive to fix. But if you wait too long to make the repairs, the consequences can be costly. A minor leak can put the window frame and surrounding wall at risk of damage ranging from peeling paint to rot and mould. In fact, if you delay repair work, you might have to replace the entire window instead of just the sash to deal with condensation and fogging. Window Replacement in Northwestern Canada Even with proper maintenance, all windows eventually need to be replaced. When the time comes, trust All-West Glass. For more than 40 years, our skilled technicians have provided window repair and replacement services for clients in cities and towns across Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.


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