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The Role Of Weatherstripping In Door Installation

When it comes to home efficiency, weatherstripping is often underestimated. Properly installed and maintained weatherstripping ensures a snug fit for your doors and plays a crucial role in energy conservation. Here’s why weatherstripping is essential for proper door installation and maintenance. 


Energy efficiency 

Weatherstripping primarily aims to seal the gaps around doors and windows, creating a barrier against external elements like wind, rain and drafts. When it comes to doors, this is particularly important for maintaining the internal temperature of your home. Properly installed weatherstripping is a low-cost way to keep warm air from escaping during winter and cool air from seeping out during summer. 

weatherstripping in door installation

Installation essentials 

Weatherstripping must be carefully chosen and correctly installed to do its job. Follow these tips to prevent energy from slipping through the gaps: 


  • Choose the right type. The first step is choosing the right weatherstripping type for your doors. Various options include adhesive-backed foam tape, V-strip, door sweeps and more. The choice depends on the type of door and the specific areas you need to seal. 


  • Measure accurately. Accurate measurements are crucial. Measure the door frame’s sides, top and bottom, to ensure you get sufficient weatherstripping material. 


  • Clean and dry. Ensure the door frame is clean and dry before installation. Remove any dirt, dust or old weatherstripping. A clean surface ensures better adhesion and longevity. 


  • Apply with precision. Apply the weatherstripping material carefully, ensuring a tight seal. Pay special attention to corners and edges to prevent gaps where drafts may flow through. 


  • Test for effectiveness. Once installed, perform a simple test. Close the door and check for any visible gaps. Adjustments may be needed if you can feel drafts or see light coming through. 


Maintenance matters 

Weatherstripping, like any other component of your home, requires regular maintenance to ensure peak performance. Here are some maintenance tips: 


  • Check it regularly. Periodically inspect the condition of your weatherstripping. Look for signs of wear, tearing or damage. 


  • Clean it as needed. Keep the weatherstripping clean from dust and debris. Use a mild detergent and a soft brush to gently clean the surface. 


  • Replace it if necessary. Don’t hesitate to replace the weatherstripping if you notice significant damage. Being proactive ensures your door will be as efficient as possible. 


Check out more door maintenance tips from the All-West Glass team.  


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