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Stay Safe with Windshield Replacement for Edmonton Drivers 

Your car keeps you safe from dangers while you drive. But when debris chips or cracks your windshield, not only does it make your car look less attractive, it also turns it into a potential safety hazard. To prevent your glass from shattering the next time something hits your windshield, visit an All-West Glass location for windshield replacement. We have locations in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Whitecourt, and throughout Northwestern Canada.

You can trust our technicians to repair your windshield quickly and efficiently. We follow Canadian automotive glass industry standards to ensure that your auto glass protects you and your family from any of the many dangers on the road.

Visit a Showroom to See Our Inventory

We have one of the largest automotive glass inventories in Northwestern Canada, so you can count on us to have the right glass for the make and model of your car. We also use reliable, high-performance adhesives for every windshield we install.

Count on Same-Day Service

We know you need your vehicle to go about your daily tasks, so we make sure to work quickly and efficiently. We will complete any auto glass replacement services the same day you bring in your vehicle. It doesn’t take us long to install the windshield, and it only takes 1 hour for the adhesive to cure. The whole process will take around 2-3 hours.

If you have an emergency, or if you need a new windshield, please call one of our locations and make an appointment.

Why You Should Replace Your Windshield

Any vehicle requires an intact and solid windshield to protect the driver. It’s a barrier between you and the elements on or off the road, especially dangerous objects like rocks, gravel and other debris. Heavier flying projectiles can also severely damage the windshield itself, and replacement might be your only solution. Our technicians can verify if windshield repair is possible, but you will need to replace your windshield if:

  • A stone chip is deep enough to grow into a crack

  • Damage from a stone chip extends to the edge of the windshield

  • A stone chip or crack is in the driver’s primary viewing area

  • A chip is larger than 2 inches

  • A single crack is longer than 14 inches

  • A star break radiates beyond 3 inches in diameter

  • The windshield has 3 or more long cracks of over 6 inches

Replacing a Damaged Windshield Is Worth It

Your windshield contributes to the structural integrity and stability of your vehicle and a sturdy, intact windshield helps keep the cabin of a car from collapsing in a rollover wreck. The price of a windshield replacement is small compared to the value of preventing possible injury or death. The process takes approximately 3 hours to complete, wherein we:

  • Remove the trim from around the windshield

  • Remove the damaged windshield

  • Clean out the pinch weld that holds the windshield in place

  • Edge the pinch weld with new urethane as adhesive

  • Install the new windshield

  • Let the urethane set and cure

Auto Glass Replacement

Do you have a severely cracked or broken car window that needs immediate replacement? Are you not sure if a chip or small crack can be repaired instead? All-West Glass can assess the damage to your auto glass in Edmonton, Grande Prairie and all of our other locations in Northwestern Canada.

If you have experienced an accident or act of vandalism and have damage to your car windows, the process to replace the glass is straightforward and quick:

  • Inspect and assess the damage

  • Remove the door panel to gain access to the window mechanism

  • Vacuum any remaining balls of broken tempered glass

  • Insert the new window

  • Check that the window functions properly

  • Replace the door panel

free rock chip repairs for 30 days after windshield installation.

  • No Appointment Necessary

Contact All-West Glass for Windshield Replacement in Edmonton & Northwest Canada

When you need windshield replacement, you can rely on All-West Glass in Edmonton, Prince George, or any of our other 19 locations. We have over 50 years of experience, so we know how to ensure your repairs last. Contact us or stop by one of our locations to learn

We guarantee that all repairs we perform meet or exceed Canadian automotive glass industry standards.

This guarantee protects you against defective workmanship or materials* and is valid from the date of issue for the life of the vehicle, provided it remains owned by/registered to you.



*Please note: Coverage for damages caused by or resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance or care of the vehicle are excluded.

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