Getting Your Business Ready for the Holidays: Window Decor

Preparing your commercial property for the holiday season involves ordering plenty of stock, hiring extra support staff to cover long hours and vacation days, and decorating.

If you are looking for a way to make your business more inviting for customers and help your employees get in the festive spirit, try updating your window décor with the following do-it-yourself tips and tricks.

Tips for DIY Commercial Window Décor

Whether your business is trying to attract customers off the street or inspire employees with decorations, keeping windows bright while making them festive is important. Try these simple techniques to get your windows looking their best this holiday season:

  • Use Decals: Window decals are affordable, easy to apply and easy to remove, making it simple to switch them up seasonally. Depending on the size, they are perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to windows without obstructing natural light. Since they are designed for windows, they will not damage or compromise the structure.
  • Keep it Classic: Using old or vintage decorations is a simple way to add holiday charm to your windows. Without much effort, you can string and hang ornaments on a garland, string of beads or lights to instantly add to the appeal of your windows. If you don’t have enough decorations at hand, classic ball ornaments are inexpensive and can be bought in bulk at many retailers. If you like to plan ahead, stock up on lights and ornaments for next year at discounted prices on Boxing Day.
  • Get Drawing: If you, or an employee, are artistic, using window markers is an easy and fun way to add to window displays. Like the decals, they will not compromise the windows and are easy to apply and remove once the holidays are over.
  • Paper Crafts: Paper crafts can keep employees busy during slow traffic days and are inexpensive. They can be recycled or reused after the holidays and, if you choose your colours carefully, can be used for multiple holidays throughout the year. Make a garland, paper wheels, classic snowflakes or flowers for unique and beautiful windows that showcase the spirit of the season and your company.

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