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Interior and Exterior Door Installation Across North Western Canada

Leave the work to us! All-West’s trained, insured and bonded installers take care of door installation so you don’t have to. We are the largest exterior door pre-hanger service in Edmonton and northern BC, which makes an industry leading organization, always up-to-date on the ever-changing products and requirements of exterior doors.

We go beyond meeting building codes: we use products and methods that exceed current code requirements, and we always follow best practice guidelines. Our team takes pride in safety and leaving all jobsites clean and free of construction debris.

Prior to Order/Installation: Determining Door Handing and Configuration

Door handing and configuration refers to where a door’s handle is and how the door swings. We determine handings/configurations when you place your order, determining them from the exterior of your home/outside of a room. If you have any specific thoughts or concerns about how your doors will operate, please feel free to speak with us prior to ordering.

Getting Your Home Ready for Door Installation

Take Care of a Few Simple Matters and Your Door Installation by All-West Glass is a Breeze:

  • Clear the area around where the installation will take place, including removing wall hanging and relocating furniture items.
  • Move any valuables or electronics to another spot, or protect them with dust covers.
  • Ensure pets and children will remain a safe distance from the worksite.
  • If you have a home security system, know that we will be disconnecting the door contacts and that you’ll need to have your alarm service provider come to your home following installation to reinstall the contacts.
  • Decide whether or not you wish to keep your old door. If so, please notify our installers in advance. Otherwise, it will be removed during cleanup.


Our installers work hard to protect your home during installation. If our team needs to wear safety boots indoors for safety reasons, we will ensure your floors are protected.

Our services include the following:

  • Door installation

  • Kick plate installation

  • Peep hole/new or existing lock hardware (pre-bored doors, excluding mortise-type hardware)

Fitting Your Door

If your new door is going into an opening sized differently than the new door, we provide custom trim work to create an exact fit. If custom trim work will be required for your installation, this cost will be included in your initial quote. Any new interior trim will need to be painted.

Storm Doors

Existing storm doors will not typically be reinstalled after your new door is in place, because they are typically not in good condition. If, however, the existing storm door is in excellent shape and compatible with your new door, we can provide you with a labour estimate for reinstallation. Or, we’d be happy to install a brand new storm door, and we can help you choose a new storm door from our selection.

After Your Installation: Door Finishing

Steel doors, wood frames and trims, and fibreglass doors will all come coated with a factory-applied primer. To remain eligible for manufacturer warranties, we recommend that all of these parts be painted with two coats of quality exterior latex or enamel paint. If you plan to stain a textured fibreglass door, the manufacturer recommends the work be completed by someone familiar with this type of door.

Your home may need some touching up following installation, including minor work to interior or exterior paint, siding or stucco, and dust clean up.

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