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Everything You Should Know Before Buying Stacking Glass Doors

When choosing your home’s doors, you may consider installing sliding doors to access your backyard or patio. However, stacking glass doors may be a better choice. Read on to learn more about stacking glass doors and how they work.


What Are Stacking Glass Doors?

Stacking glass doors consist of large glass panels that slide open behind each other. One panel is fixed, while the others slide behind the next as you open them. Stacking glass doors come with aluminum, wood or clad frames, and you can choose from various colours.

The Difference Between Stacking Glass Doors and Sliding Doors

Sliding doors consist of two panels, one fixed and the other sliding along a rail. Sliding doors are more common than stacking and are great for accessing patios or backyards. Sliding doors can come with a screen door to keep out bugs and debris.

Stacking doors have multiple panels and can open wider than sliding doors. They allow you to turn a large portion of an existing wall into a door. You can also use stacking glass doors inside your home to separate rooms such as your kitchen and dining room.

Benefits of Stacking Glass Doors

Stacking glass doors can dramatically impact your interior space. They can add significant sunlight and fresh air to a room, lowering your energy bills by reducing the need for lights or air conditioning.

A stacking glass door also gives you more versatility. You control how much fresh air enters the room. You can open one, two or more panels depending on weather conditions. Leaving one panel open allows for easy movement of guests when entertaining. When you have large items like furniture to move, a stacking glass door provides easy access.

Things to Consider With Stacking Glass Doors

When choosing a stacking glass door, keep these factors in mind:

  • Check your provincial building codes to ensure stacking glass doors meet standard regulations
  • Do you need to lock the doors for security?
  • What hinges and hardware do you need?
  • Will you need hardware installed on both sides of the door?
  • How long is the warranty period?
  • What type of glass do you require? Impact glass? An efficient, low-E coating?

Stacked glass doors come in numerous styles and models, so talk to a window and door expert about your needs to ensure you get the best doors for your needs.

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