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a young child looks longingly out the classroom window as it rains

Every teacher knows those students who can’t take their eyes off the classroom windows. No matter what you do, whatever is happening out there is more interesting than focusing on the lesson at hand.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Windows can be incorporated into activities all the time. Here are three tips for converting your classroom windows from distractions into teaching opportunities:

  1. Use windows as a blackboard Many companies now produce special pens at a reasonable price that are designed to write on and be cleaned off of glass. Depending on how many windows your classroom has and how large they are, these pens can create teaching opportunities that not only get the students engaged in their task, but also get them out of their seats and active while doing it. You can split your class into teams and have them write reactions or answers to questions on the windows in different colours. Bonus for the teacher: less chalk to clean from your teaching clothes.

  2. Make windows creative spaces Besides regular educational activities, windows can be spaces for longer-term artistic projects for your class. Not only are there pens that can be used on windows, but you can also make amazing light effects by attaching different kinds of paper and cloth to your windows. By manipulating translucent materials in various ways that can even mimic stained glass effects, your students will surprise you with their creativity. Having students make the classroom their own by decorating it will help them feel more engaged with their own education.

  3. Use windows to teach science Of course, windows don’t have to be just a tool for teaching. A window can be the subject itself. We’re so used to having glass and windows around that sometimes we forget what a scientific accomplishment they are. From the stained glass windows found in France’s Chartres Cathedral to Isaac Newton’s revolutionary discoveries in optics, windows and glass have played an important part in world history that will fascinate students.

From your classroom to your home to your car, All-West Glass is committed to helping you get the most from your windows and glass. Our team at All-West Glass are committed to offering great service to the communities of which we are a part. Ranging throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, Contact Us today to find out which of our 19 locations across Northwestern Canada is closest to you.

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