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Windshield glass repair

Your vehicle’s windshield does much more than keep debris and rain away from you and your passengers. In fact, the windshield is a main safety feature of your car and could even save your life one day. Here are four ways a windshield contributes to vehicle safety.

1. It reinforces the vehicle’s structure Modern windshields are made differently than the rest of your vehicle’s glass. They contain a thin layer of strong, clear resin called polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This layer is laminated between two sheets of glass so that cracks and chips on one side don’t reach the other. This makes windshields strong and flexible. Additionally, PVB lamination allows the windshield to absorb a lot of force in a crash — 45 per cent in a head-on collision and up to 60 per cent in a rollover. Therefore, a damaged windshield reduces the structural integrity of your entire vehicle. Without a strong windshield, your car is more likely to collapse in a crash, thereby seriously injuring the people inside. 2. It keeps everyone inside the vehicle Many fatalities in collisions occur because someone is ejected from the vehicle. Cars and trucks are designed so that the safest place to be is inside the cabin. Windshields play an essential role as a barrier, keeping people inside in the event of a crash. 3. It works in tandem with your airbags Your windshield helps your airbags work properly. This safety system is designed so that at the moment of impact, the bags bounce off the windshield at a precise angle before cushioning the people inside. Your airbags may not deliver the protection you need if your windshield is damaged or not correctly installed. 4. It allows the driver to see clearly Windshields allow you to see the road clearly during the day and at night. Cracks, chips or scratches can seriously impede your vision and increase the risk of an accident. Your wiper blades need to work well, too. Don’t wait for a heavy downpour to consider repairing your wipers.


Given how important your windshield is, it’s crucial that you take proper care of it. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Only use vinegar or alcohol-based glass cleaners, as ammonia damages auto glass.

  • Ensure your wipers work well and don’t scratch your windshield.

  • Park your vehicle out of direct sunlight when possible, as UV rays weaken the glass.

  • Promptly repair any chips and cracks in the glass


The experts at All-West Glass can handle all your auto glass needs. We offer same-day windshield replacement services and can also repair any chips or cracks. Be sure to ask for the All-West Green Card for discounts on windshield repairs. Contact us today at one of our locations in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Yellowknife or Whitehorse.


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