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glass canopy

Glass canopies have become a popular architectural design choice for commercial businesses. Glass shelters over main entranceways are suitable for various commercial enterprises, including office buildings, hospitals, restaurants and retail stores. Here are five good reasons to add a glass canopy to your business.

  1. Modernize Your Property Installing a glass canopy is the perfect way to elevate the front of your business and make a lasting first impression on your customers. Glass is a beautiful esthetic choice if your building has stunning architectural details you don’t want to hide.

  2. Keep Your Customers Comfortable Investing in a glass canopy is an excellent decision if your business receives significant foot traffic. The shelter will protect customers entering your facility from wind, rain and snow to keep them comfortable and happy.

  3. Maximize Natural Light A transparent glass canopy is a perfect way to brighten up the front of your business. The natural light will make your building look more prominent and feel more inviting.

  4. Enjoy Unmatched Durability Commercial canopies come in various materials like metal, wood, plastic and fabric. However, fabric can rip and fade, while wood can warp, rot and discolour. Glass is a stylish and durable material that’ll look new for years to come with minimal maintenance. It only needs to be periodically cleaned to maintain its integrity.

  5. Benefit From Stylish Versatility Glass canopies offer incredible versatility. For example, you can choose various shapes, sizes, thicknesses and styles to match or amplify your property’s facade. You can stick to a clear or slightly tinted glass canopy for a sleek and sophisticated look or opt for bright coloured glass to make a bold statement.

The experts at All-West Glass in Edmonton have years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing glass canopies for commercial businesses. We offer a variety of options, including free-standing and supported canopies.


Are you ready to see how a glass canopy could complement your business? The team at All-West Glass has the skills and experience to give you a modern and professional look with one of our custom glazing solutions. We also install, repair and replace glass doors and windows for commercial businesses. If you can dream it, we can do it. Contact us to learn more about our products and services. We have 18 locations across Northwestern Canada.


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