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Auto Glass Repair

Your auto glass plays an important role in the function, safety, and aesthetics of your vehicle.

From easy airflow to blocking harmful UV rays, your vehicle’s windows do a lot for you while you are on the road. If you have a crack, scratch, or other damage to your auto glass, you may be unsure what the best course of action is – or if any is required at all. The professionals at All-West Glass offer comprehensive auto glass maintenance and repair services. Whether you need a fast repair or full replacement, our professionals are here to provide service at 19 convenient locations across Alberta and British Columbia.


Here are some of the most common problems that occur with auto glass. If you have a difficult time assessing the severity of your issue, schedule an inspection by a trained professional:

  • Chip: If a portion of glass has been removed, it is usually easily fixed, unless its location is too close to the edge or it is very large.

  • Crack Chip: Crack chips are small enough to be covered by a quarter, but appear as a thin line of damage on the surface of the auto glass. Get windshield repairs completed promptly to keep the problem from becoming worse over time and through exposure.

  • Long Crack: If a crack extends longer than 15 cm, no matter how thin or thick, it is considered a long crack and windshield replacement will more than likely be necessary for a reliable fix.

  • Bullseye Chip: This common crack is usually the result of impact with a small rock and has rings emanating from the point of contact. If they aren’t too big, repairs may be possible.

  • Combination: If the damage is a combination of a chip, with cracks surrounding it, or your auto glass has sustained multiple damages, it is likely time for a replacement. Driving with damaged windows can cause a safety risk for drivers and passengers, and weaken the stability of your windshield or windows.

Get auto glass repairs completed promptly to limit the extent of damage, save money, and stay safe on the road. All-West Glass provides affordable and reliable auto glass installation services so that you can have your windshield fixed correctly and maintain your vehicle’s performance and visibility. If you need repairs, replacement, or maintenance for your auto glass, call our experts or visit us today. From windows to doors and automotive glass repairs, you can rely on our team for your glass needs. Fill out an online contact form to find out more and request a free quote for the services you require.

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