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Window glass in Prince George

Glass is recyclable; therefore, it is common to assume that you can toss broken or unwanted glass into the recycle bin.

However, that is not the correct way to dispose of your used glass. Whether it is auto glass, mirrors, or old windows, understanding how to dispose of these is vital for the safety of sanitation workers and the environment. Why Can’t You Recycle Broken Windows? You have a piece of broken glass from an old window, but before you toss it into the recycling, realize that workers are sifting through recyclables at the facility. They collect and sort items for efficient recycling, and if you toss broken glass straight into the bin, these workers could accidentally injure themselves on the glass. How Can You Dispose of Broken Windows in Prince George? If you want to recycle glass correctly, gather up a few supplies including a hammer, box with a lid, a piece of thick cloth, strong tape, paper, and a thick red marker. After you have your supplies, do the following: • Wrap and Cover: Take the broken glass and wrap it tightly in the thick cloth, ensuring it is secure. • Break It: Now, use the hammer to gently break the glass into smaller pieces while it is covered in the glass. • Box It: Take the covered glass and place it into the box and cover with a lid. Seal the box with your packing tape so that the lid will not come loose as it is jostled around. • Make Note: Using your thick red marker, make a note on the top and sides of the box stating that it contains broken glass. • Put it Next to the Recycling Bin: Instead of placing the box inside the recycle bin or trash bin, place it on the side so that when the garbage team comes to collect it, they can see that it contains broken glass and can dispose of it properly. Contact Your Garbage Pickup First Before you toss out broken glass, contact your local municipality and ask about how you can dispose of broken glass. Every area has their restrictions on proper disposal, and some may require that you take the broken glass to a recycling plant in person so that it is not mixed with general trash. When you have a broken windshield or glass in your home, and you hire the professionals from All-West Glass, our team performing glass replacements in Prince George will properly dispose of the unwanted glass products so that everyone stays safe. Our team offers commercial, residential, and auto glass repair across the interior region. Please speak with a team member at an All-West Glass in Prince George to schedule your glass replacement or repair appointment. When you visit, you can also ask how we dispose of unused glass products. Find a location near you or contact us online to learn more about our automotive services. How to Dispose Broken Glass? Contact us to know how we dispose of unwanted glass, after repairing your auto glass. Know More


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