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Preventing Foggy Windshields: Tips and Tricks

Waiting for your windshield to defog is excruciating, especially if it’s in the morning and you’re trying to get to work on time. Foggy windows put you and other drivers at risk, so you need to ensure you can defrost it quickly. 


All-West Glass are the windshield installation experts, and we know a thing or two about fogged up windshields and how you can prevent them. Read on to find out more.  

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What Causes a Fogged-Up Windshield? 

There are a variety of different factors that contribute to foggy windows: 

  • Temperature. The biggest factor is a big temperature difference between your car’s exterior and interior. This leads to moisture buildup on the inside of your windshield, which condenses into the fog you know.  


  • Dirty Windows. Dirt, debris, and other particulate matter can accumulate on your windshield. Moisture sticks to a dirty surface more easily than a clean one, which results in a dirty car window that fogs up more easily, both inside and outside.  


  • Mechanical Issues. Cars built after 2000 will commonly feature a cabin filter. This filter collects pollen, dust, and other contaminants while regulating air quality in your vehicle. Your car’s head and AC also go through this filter. Excess debris in the filter can impact the performance of your car’s defroster, which lowers the air quality in your vehicle. This means your windshield becomes more susceptible to condensation that results in fog.  


How to Quickly Clear a Foggy Windshield 

This is the fastest way to defog your windows and windshield, according to Road and Track: 

1. Turn the Heat on to Its Max Setting. Hot air holds more moisture, which means faster defogging.  

2. Turn the AC on. This pulls moisture from the air as it passes through the coils. 

3. Turn Off the Recirculation Button. This brings colder, dryer air into the car. 

4. Crack Your Windows. This helps exchange the humid interior air with dryer air from the outside. 

How to Prevent Fogged-Up Windshields 

Sometimes it may seem like nothing can prevent the fog from showing up, there are a few things you can do to prevent it.  

1. Use an Ammonia-Based Cleaner 

Cleaners can help you remove the buildup inside your windshield. Applying an ammonia-based window cleaner on the interior of your windshield is a good solution. Use horizontal or vertical strokes to apply the cleaner and reapply regularly.  


2. Apply Shaving Cream to the Interior of Your Windows 

This may sound odd, but using a dry, clean towel to wipe shaving cream across your windshield’s interior, then using a second towel to remove it, can create a protective film on the glass to help prevent fogging.  


3. Activate the Defroster When You Warm Up Your Car 

Whenever you warm up your vehicle, make sure you turn on your car’s defroster. If you use a remote starter, set the defroster for the night before so you can remove fog from your windshield.  


4. Turn Off Air Recirculation 

Using fresh air mode rather than recirculation mode means your vehicle isn’t reusing the moist and humid air.  


5. Keep a Window Open 

Keeping even a single window slightly open can help prevent the windows from fogging up.  


6. Wipe Off Your Shoes Before Getting In 

Using a dry rag to wipe off snow or wet dew from your shoes before entering your car helps reduce the amount of moisture in your vehicle.  


7. Get an HVAC Inspection 

A malfunctioning HVAC system can make it more difficult to remove fog from your windows. If you notice fog building up when you turn on the car’s defroster, it may indicate a problem with the HVAC system. Take your car to an auto body repair shop for an inspection and necessary repairs.  


Windshield Installation and Windshield Repair Services 

Older windshields that have worn over time are more susceptible to fogging than newer ones. To help prevent that, you should call All-West Glass for a windshield replacement so you can see clearly while driving again.  


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