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Do I Need to Replace the Entire Window Frame or Just the Glass?

technician replacing window glass

If you need a window repair or are considering an upgrade, you may be reckoning with a hefty budget for window and frame replacement. However, depending on the window style and the extent of the damage, you may be able to keep your existing window frame and only replace the glass. Here’s a brief guide to help you decide whether to replace the entire window frame or just the window glass.

Benefits of Glass-Only Window Replacement

Replacing your window glass is faster and more affordable than a full-frame replacement, so you experience less disruption to your schedule and budget. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly because you're not wasting perfectly good window frames. If you own a heritage home, retrofitting modern insulative glass to your existing window frames will maintain your home’s charm and improve energy efficiency.

Keep the Frame, Replace the Glass

If your window frame is structurally sound, you can typically handle any necessary window repairs with a glass replacement. Here are a few scenarios where a glass-only replacement could be your best option:

  • Single pane in a multi-pane window. If the damaged glass is confined to one small pane — or muntin — a glass replacement makes sense.

  • Newer window. If you’ve got damage on a newly installed window, there’s no reason to dispose of your new window frame.

  • Fast repair. Compared to the typical multi-week timeline of a full-frame replacement, glass replacement can be done in a matter of hours.

  • Affordable solution. Your window repair could cost one-third less if you opt to keep your frame and replace only the glass. Ask a reputable glass dealer to help you weigh out your options.

Before making your choice, check the warranty on your existing windows. A glass-only replacement may be covered, but it may also be grounds for voiding your warranty altogether.

Replace the Entire Window Frame

Here are some situations where a full window replacement is recommended:

  • Your windows are more than 20 years old

  • You have a damaged or decaying frame

  • The seals are broken

  • You get too much noise or draft from outdoors

  • You’re concerned about security

  • You have difficulty opening and closing the windows

  • You’ve noticed an inexplicable hike in your energy bill

If you decide on a full replacement, energy-efficient windows can help you turn your investment into long-term energy savings.

Window Replacement in Northwestern Canada

All-West Glass offers more than professional window installation services. Our certified technicians can help you decide whether window repair or replacement is your best option. Our workers are insured, and our service is guaranteed. Contact us today to discuss window repairs for your home or business in Edmonton, Chetwynd, Houston, Fort St. John or one of our 18 locations across Northwest Canada.


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