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Vintage car Edmonton

Classic cars are a source of pride, so it’s only natural that you want to keep yours in pristine condition.

Damage to the windows or windshield needs to be addressed swiftly, especially if you take your car out on the road. Replacing the glass in a classic vehicle is a delicate task, so here’s how we recommend you go about it. Don’t Avoid Reproduction Glass Safety should always take priority. It can be tempting to go hunting for glass as old as the vehicle itself, but opting for modern reproduction glass is a much wiser decision. Safety glass has been around since 1927 and several advancements have been made over the years, meaning that reproduction glass windshields are much safer than their authentic counterparts from the 50’s. Luckily, it’s easy to find reproduction glass for most classic vehicles. Do Your Homework If restoring classic vehicles is your hobby, it makes sense for you to want to tackle the glass replacement on your own. In that case, you need to ensure you have all the necessary equipment and a good understanding of the required procedure. If you don’t have much experience working with automotive glass or simply want a guarantee that the glass will be installed correctly, we highly recommend that you hire a professional. Remove & Dispose of Old Glass Safely When removing the glass, be aware that there’s a risk it may shatter, especially if it’s damaged. Once the window has been safely removed, it’s essential that you ensure that all grooves around the edges are cleaned of debris, which could otherwise prevent the replacement glass from sealing completely. Finally, automotive glass can’t simply be tossed in the garbage. Give your local landfill a call to find out about the recommended disposal procedure in your area. Auto Glass Repair in Edmonton To replace the auto glass in your classic car, call us at All-West Glass. Our team has the expertise necessary to work with classic vehicles and your car will be returned to you looking better than ever. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us to set up an appointment in Edmonton today!


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