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All-West-Glass-windshield-replacement: car accident on the highway involving a trailer truck

Maybe you’ve just been in an accident that pushed your car into a body of water and you’re trapped inside with no way out.

Or maybe you see a helpless baby locked inside a car on a hot summer day and you need to act fast. What do you do? It’s terrifying to imagine these situations but being prepared and knowing how to react quickly could save lives. Keep reading to learn the four best ways to break auto glass in an emergency. Please note that these techniques should only be used in situations when survival depends on a quick escape or rescue. 1. Use an emergency hammer One of the best ways to break through the glass in your car is to use an emergency safety hammer. Keep it close at hand at all times. Most models also feature a small blade for cutting through seatbelts. 2. Use a spark plug If you’re on the outside of a locked car and an emergency situation requires you to break one of the windows, a spark plug is just the tool you need. Shattered porcelain is strong and sharp enough to cut through tempered glass. Remove a spark plug from your car and break it on the ground. Select the largest piece of porcelain and throw it as hard as you can against any window other than the windshield. Our auto glass replacement specialists can help you repair the damage once everyone is safe. 3. Use the headrest Although your car’s headrests weren’t designed to break windows, if you’re trapped inside they may be able to help you escape. Remove a headrest and shove one metal peg into the base of a window frame, where the window retracts. Then quickly pull the headrest towards you to shatter the glass. This method will work on any of your side windows, but not the windshield. 4. Use a heavy object Whether you’re on the inside or outside of your car, you should be able to break the glass using a large, heavy object. The windshield is designed to be practically unbreakable so your best chance for escape or rescue in any situation is always a side window. Don’t worry about auto glass replacement until the emergency has passed. Aim for a corner beside the frame, where the glass is the weakest and strike hard. For more information about auto glass contact the experts at All-West Glass today. We’re your source for everything glass from windshield crack repair to auto glass replacement and more. And with 19 locations across BC, Alberta, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, we’re always just around the corner. Contact us today for more information about windshield crack repair, auto glass replacement or to find the location nearest you.


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