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Edmonton windows

A window is an intricate mechanism consisting of many parts. If something goes wrong, being familiar with the different pieces and what they do can help you pinpoint the problem and the best way to fix it. Here’s a quick guide of various window types that can help.

Apron. This is a horizontal decorative piece located underneath the sill. Argon. There’s a tiny space between each layer of glass in a multi-glazed window. Argon is a non-toxic gas used to fill these spaces. Extension arm or scissor. This is a bar attached to the stiles or the rails that extends and contracts to open and close a casement window. Glazing. This term describes the number of layers of glass in a window. Double and triple glazed windows are more energy-efficient than single glazed windows. Head casing and side casing. These parts make up the visual window frame and cover the space between the wall and the sash. Jambs. These devices are placed on the sides of a window frame to secure the sash in place. Latch or lock handle. This is the locking device on a window. It helps seal the window shut by compressing the weatherstrip between the window and the sash. Muntins, grilles or glazing bars. These are decorative strips of material that divide the glass to give the appearance of multiple glass panes. Operator. This is the crank handle you use to open and close a casement window. Pane. A single sheet of glass. Rails. These are the horizontal pieces of the frame that hold together the stiles. They hold the glass in place. Sash. The sash refers to the entire window frame, including the stiles and the rails. Sill, or stool. The window sill is a flat, shelf-like piece that sits on the bottom of the window. It protrudes inside and sometimes outside the house. Stiles. Stiles are the vertical supports for the window frame located at the sides of the window. Weephole. Weepholes are drilled into the bottom of the rails that hold the glass in place to allow water to escape and flow outside.


All-West Glass is proud to provide top quality windows and window installation services. If you’re looking for a bow window, hopper window, horizontal window or casement window, we can supply and install it. To learn more about our products and services, contact us at our Edmonton, Fort St. John, Yellowknife, Whitehorse or other location in northwestern Canada.


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