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Auto glass repair in Chetwynd

With winter almost here, All-West Glass wants to remind our clients how to de-ice their auto glass properly.

The temperatures are slowly starting to drop, and you might have already noticed ice forming on your windshield in the morning. Doing it incorrectly could result in a premature replacement or cause cracks in the glass. Methods for De-icing Your Auto Glass No one looks forward to waking up in the morning and scraping ice off their windshield. Not everyone can park their vehicle in a covered location, so if you want to make the de-icing process quick and painless, here are a few glass-friendly methods: Rubbing Alcohol Method: Store-bought rubbing alcohol is one of those hacks that you would never expect but works very effectively at removing ice buildup on the glass. You do not use the rubbing alcohol alone though. Instead, mix 1/3-cup water with 2/3-cup rubbing alcohol. Put that solution into a spray bottle and spray it over the windshield until the fogging disappears. Distilled Vinegar Method: If you do not like rubbing alcohol, you can also use a vinegar water blend. Use a three-to-one ratio of distilled white vinegar with water and spray it on the windshield to remove ice and fog. You can also use the vinegar coat on your windshield the night before to prevent ice buildup. Commercial De-icer Method: Commercial de-icing solutions are another solution you can buy in auto parts stores. Follow the instructions carefully, because every manufacturer will have different ones. Some work when the ice is present, while others are preventative. Scraper Method: Once you soften the ice and fog with a de-icer or your defroster inside the vehicle, use a windshield scraper tool to remove the ice. Scrape gently and only use those approved for the windshield. Avoid using sharp metal that might scratch the glass surface. Car Settings Method: Without a homemade solution or chemical solution, you still have choices. There is a combination you can use to make the windows defrost faster. Turn up the heater inside your vehicle, then turn on your air conditioner. Next, turn off the air circulation inside the car and crack open the windows. This combination defrosts your windows twice as fast as using the defroster only. While you prepare for winter, make sure that you have a few options for de-icing in your car kit, along with other emergency items. See Us for Auto Glass Repair in Chetwynd If you already have a crack or chip in the glass, defrosting and de-icing solutions may worsen those cracks. Bring in your vehicle for auto glass repair in Chetwynd to correct the crack before it turns bigger. All-West Glass can help with your vehicle glass and we even have a mobile glass repair service that can come to your work, office, or home. Schedule your repair or replacement for auto glass in Chetwynd today by finding an All-West Glass location near you or reach us online to learn more about our automotive services.


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