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Windows Grande Prairie

Installing new windows is a significant upfront investment. Therefore, you want to make sure you get all the energy efficiency you signed up for.

Unfortunately, not all windows are installed correctly, and when companies skip the essentials, they ultimately disappoint the homeowner. The only way to tell if you have correctly installed windows is to know what to look for and do an inspection. Furthermore, before you hire someone to do the job, consider their reputation and ensure you pick a company for your new windows with a reputation for quality installations.

Common Indicators Your Glass Windows Were Installed Incorrectly

While you do a quick self-inspection, here are indications your windows were installed poorly and will need repair: • Noise from the Window: A brand new window is not noisy. If you shut or open that window, it should not have any loud noises or squeaks. These noises may be from the frame, insulation, or the glass itself, but need to be checked regardless.

• Noticeable Gaps: A visible sign is when there are gaps in your windows. Never should you see any gap between the window, frame, and other components. These allow air to escape and enter, but also can allow water to come into your home.

• Difficulty Maintaining Temperatures Inside: Your new windows are designed to be energy-efficient, which means you should lower your heating and cooling costs. If you have trouble maintaining warmth in the winter or cool temperatures in the summer, your windows might be allowing air to escape.

• Signs of Water Damage: When poorly installed windows stay in place for a while, you may eventually notice water damage from leaks. You might notice mould in the window frame, rust, or water stains.

• Foggy Windows: Multiple panes with improper installation allow for water to enter in between the panes and create condensation and fogging. Once this happens, the window needs full replacement.

• Issues Opening and Closing: Your new windows should be installed so that they fit the opening perfectly, which means you should not have to use excessive force to open or close your windows. When they get stuck regularly, or you cannot seal them tightly, it usually means that they were not fitted correctly.

• Inappropriate Caulking: Sloppy, missing, or unfinished caulking might indicate that your installer hurried the job and there could be other components poorly installed. Avoid the hassles of improperly installed windows the first time around by contacting the team at All-West Glass for your glass replacement in Grande Prairie. Our team knows the importance of installing your new windows correctly, and we want you to maximize your investment. That is why we take our time to fit your windows properly, repair them efficiently and maintain them the right way so that you can enjoy your windows for years. All-West Glass is your local go-to for new windows in Grande Prairie and the surrounding area. Find a location near you today for a quote on your new windows or to repair improperly installed windows. You may also reach us online to learn more about our windows.


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