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What Can Happen If You Postpone Your Windshield Repair

technicians replacing windshield glass

You may think that little crack or chip in your windshield is nothing to worry about. Think again. Failing to get even minor windshield chips repaired right away can have significant financial consequences for you and compromise the safety of your car. Here’s what can happen if you postpone your windshield repair.

The Chip Will Get Bigger

Over time, temperature fluctuations and vibrations from driving on rough roads will cause the rock chip to grow. Cracks will start to “spiderweb” outward from the chip. Besides looking terrible, these cracks can impede your vision, which could cause you to have an accident.

If you neglect the rock chip long enough, you’ll need a windshield replacement, which is much more expensive than a simple rock chip repair. After a chip, getting your auto glass repaired as soon as possible will save you money.

Your Car’s Safety Will Be Compromised

Windshields are an integral part of your car’s safety system. The windshield in your car is surprisingly strong and protects the people inside. In fact, your windshield is responsible for 60 per cent of the cabin’s structural integrity in a rollover. A rock chip or crack compromises the windshield’s integrity. Don’t risk your passengers getting injured or thrown from the vehicle because of an avoidable windshield issue.

Moreover, your airbag system is designed to work with your windshield. In a collision, the deployed airbag bounces off the glass back toward you to provide protection. If your windshield is cracked, it may not withstand the force of the airbag and cause it to fail, leading to severe injury.

How Rock Chips Are Repaired

Getting a minor windshield chip repair is a quick and inexpensive process. An auto glass technician injects a special transparent resin into the chip and then applies pressure to the area. The resin fills the hole and tiny crevices. When it dries, the chip is nearly invisible, and the integrity of your windshield is intact. A typical rock chip repair can be done without an appointment while you wait, usually within 30 minutes.

Windshield Replacement and Rock Chip Repair In Edmonton and Northwest Canada

At All-West Glass, we can help prolong the life of your windshield and save you money with our rock chip repair service. We also do professional auto glass replacement for any make and model. Visit us in Edmonton, Fort St. John, Whitehorse or any of our 18 locations in northwestern Canada. Contact us today to find an All-West Glass location near you.


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