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broken windshield on car

It is disheartening and frightening to have your car broken into.

Many thieves use unlocked doors to quickly access vehicles, but if you have been the victim of a more aggressive break-in, you could be left with damage and costly repairs. Whether the vehicle destruction is minor or severe, it is important to document it and report the crime to the authorities. All-West Glass can help with auto glass repairs to get your vehicle back in top condition.


The shock of a break-in can remain long after the crime has occurred. Try to stay calm and follow these steps if your window or windshield has been compromised:

  • Temporary Fix: If the thief accessed your vehicle through your window or windshield and has left damage, you may need a temporary fix. You want to deter other thieves from entering your car and protect yourself from the elements when driving. To maintain visibility and avoid leaving a stubborn residue on the paint of your vehicle, try using a clear packing tape. Tape around the window frame before layering tape to create a makeshift window. Do the same on the inside of the window to avoid adhering to the sticky side of the tape. If there is broken glass, be careful. You may want to wear gloves while applying tape. Try to leave a gap between the layers to enclose the broken glass.

  • Auto Glass Replacement: Hire experts in auto glass repairs and replacement in Edmonton so that you get the proper material and installation for your vehicle. You don’t want to have bigger problems later on, so getting the job done right the first time will ensure your new window works with your electrical systems and is properly fitted.

  • Contributing Factors: The severity and type of damage will determine whether you need a full window or windshield replacement or if you can get away with a less intensive repair. The professionals at All-West Glass in Edmonton will be able to determine the appropriate fix. The type of vehicle, including the size, make and model of the windows will impact the cost and type of work your auto glass needs. Be sure to keep your receipt in order to file any claims with your insurance.

All-West Glass offers auto glass replacement in Edmonton and throughout Northwestern Canada. We can provide a range of services to fix or replace the glass for your vehicle or home. Our team of professionals have years of experience and perform fast and reliable installations. Fill out an online contact form for a quote or visit one of our 19 locations today.


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