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All-West-Glass-windshield-replacement: cracked windshield

Ever have crack in your windshield and wondered how it managed to hold itself together?

Certain cracks run so deep it seems like the glass could come crashing down at any minute. But a combination of manufacturing technology and techniques prevents that from happening. Keep reading to find out more.

Manufacturing Methods for Glass

The strength of any type of glass depends on the manufacturing process used to make it and chemicals used to treat it. Some of the most common types of glass are:

  • Regular glass found in your cups and dishes, regular glass isn’t as strong as the glass used in construction, or in auto glass replacement, and can shatter easily.

  • Tempered glass is used in things like safety glass, glass tables and residential and commercial doors and windows. Tempered glass is treated with a special chemical compound and then heated to make it strong, clear and durable. The side windows in your car may be made with incredibly strong tempered glass, but as strong as tempered glass is, it’s not strong enough for use in windshields or windshield crack repair.

  • Laminated glass is the only type of glass that can safely be used for a windshield. Laminated glass is made by binding a layer of PVB plastic in between two layers of glass by using pressure and high temperatures to create a strong, clear sheet that won’t shatter when damaged. The glass is then curved to fit the shape of your windshield and bonded to the frame to ensure a tight, weatherproof fit that provides maximum safety and visibility.

Why It’s Important

Windshield glass is specially fabricated to keep you safe. The regular glass that you find in your home wouldn’t be able to stand up to the pressure of even a low-speed impact and if it was being used as a windshield, would leave you and the inside of your car covered with shards of glass that could cause serious injury. The plastic sheet used in laminated glass holds the glass in place and prevents it from falling into the interior of your car. Laminated glass is vital to your safety and should be your only choice when you need an auto glass replacement for your car’s windshield.

Professional Windshield Installation and Replacement

When it comes to keeping yourself and your passengers safe, don’t take any chances. Come to All-West Glass today for fast, friendly and professional auto glass replacement and windshield crack repair. With over 40 years in the business, we’re North Western Canada’s choice for everything glass. Visit one of our 19 convenient locations throughout BC, Alberta, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories for high-quality home, business and auto glass products and services. Contact us today to find the store closest to you.


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