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fort st john auto glass repair

What may only be a small crack in your windshield and therefore not cause too much concern, it may become a big problem if you continue to ignore it.

After all, that crack is not going away, but it certainly will grow bigger. Not only does a crack in the windshield affect your visibility (and possibly your safety) but allowing the crack to continue means you could find yourself having to replace a windshield rather than repair it.

What Causes Auto Glass Cracks to Spread

A few factors can influence how quickly your windshield crack or chip spreads, such as fluctuating hot and cold temperatures. Also, objects that hit the window can turn a small chip or break into a bigger one. A small crack, even one you can barely see, weakens the strength of your windshield; so, it does not take much to spread that crack. Excessive bumps while driving, using your windshield wipers, or ice on the windshield might force it to spread. So, with all these factors working against you, how can you stop a small crack or chip from becoming a bigger issue?

Tips that Might Help Prevent You from Requiring Fort St. John Windshield Repair

While there is no guarantee, you may be able to stop the crack from spreading by doing the following: Temporary Fix: You have a few temporary options for stopping your cracked windshield from spreading. First, you want to keep dirt out of the crack. Clean any existing dirt inside of it by using isopropyl alcohol. Allow the alcohol to dry, then put tape over the crack or chip. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary fix, and you will need a professional repair job.

Permanent Fix: When the crack is fewer than 12 inches, or the chip is less than a quarter inch, a professional auto glass company in Fort St. John can repair it permanently. Do not try to fix these cracks yourself. While there are DIY kits available, it is better to have a professional do the job. A professional knows how to clean out the chip or crack and repair it correctly.

When Cracks or Chips are Too Large, You Need a Replacement

Unfortunately, when the crack or chip is too big, a patch will not work. Instead, you need to replace your windshield. Replacing the entire pane can be done in a single day. All-West Glass offers a mobile replacement for your automotive windows in Fort St. John. We also provide ICBC and private insurance claims so that you can bill your automobile insurance provider for your damaged windshield and possibly some of the replacement costs. We also offer quick repair services when your windshield is still salvageable, including same-day service. All-West Glass offers auto glass and windshield replacement for Fort St. John and the surrounding area. We can dispatch a glass technician to your location today. Find a location near you or reach us online to learn more about our automotive services.


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