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freezinf condensation and icicles on window

During the winter, Western Canada collectively heads indoors to stay warm. We seal up all the windows and doors, hoping to keep the cold air outside.

From Edmonton to Prince George, making sure that your doors and windows are sealed will not only keep you and your family warm in the winter, it will make sure you’re not losing money on heating systems that are working harder than they have to. Identifying where cold air is leaking into your home is often easy. You’ll be able to feel cold air entering. If the problem is less obvious, however, you can hold up a lit candle to your window or other suspect area and, if the flame flickers, you know air is entering. We at All-West Glass are here to help you keep your costs down by offering the best replacement windows in North Western Canada, as well as advice on how to properly winterize them. Here are just a few of the most common methods of winterizing your windows and doors: Weather stripping Weather stripping means filling in the gaps between your windows and doors and the frames that contain them. There are a lot of different products on the market that can help you do this and the majority of them are really easy to install. From rubber, to aluminum, to felt, weather stripping is essential for sealing up your home to stay cozy for the winter. Window film Another popular option for sealing windows in the winter is to stretch a piece of plastic film across them to prevent wind and cold from getting any farther into your home. There are a lot of easy-to-use and inexpensive kits you can buy to help you successfully achieve this. Most involve applying two-sided tape all around your windows, stretching a plastic film across the taped area, and using a blow-drier to tighten the seal. Drapes and shades The only problem with window film is that it’s not exactly attractive to look at. To add another layer of protection between you and the outside temperature, invest in some high quality drapes and shades for your windows. They’ll hide the unsightly plastic and help keep the cold, Edmonton air outside. Outside protection If you like to think longer-term, you can also pay attention to how the features of your property outside affect how the wind hits your home. A few well-placed trees and shrubs can help protect your home from blasts of cold air. It might take a few years to get them to the right height, though, but it could be a worthwhile investment. At All-West Glass, we’re experts in replacement windows and doors, with locations all over Canada, from Edmonton to Prince George. If you have any questions about how to properly winterize your doors and windows or about anything else glass-related contact us today at a location closest to you.


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