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Chipped glass

Having a windshield free of chips and cracks is important for ensuring good visibility and safety on the road.

Unfortunately, auto glass in Prince George and throughout British Columbia all too often suffers from rock chips, causing quite the inconvenience for drivers. The auto glass experts at All-West Glass are happy to let you know that ICBC is now covering the full cost of windshield chip repairs, with no deductible, for customers with optional comprehensive coverage. Rock chip repair through ICBC's optional comprehensive coverage will be available for all private passenger vehicles and even for light commercial vehicles which weigh less than 8,800 kg. More than 2.5 million residents of BC (80% of the province's drivers) carry this coverage, which also protects against other non-collision damages such as theft, vandalism, fire, earthquake damage, explosions, flying or falling objects, and damages from hitting an animal. Previously, ICBC offered coverage for windshield replacement rather than for windshield rock chip repair. This was because, even when repaired, windshields would often need to be replaced just a short time later. Today, however, improvements in technology, materials, and techniques mean that rock chip repairs last for a substantially longer amount of time, especially when provided by highly skilled and certified auto glass experts in Prince George. Because the costs of windshield replacements in BC have been on the rise, it is expected that the move to cover rock chip repairs before a replacement is needed will save ICBC $8 million a year. These savings, in turn, can help lower the pressure on insurance premiums. ICBC also expects that the program, if utilized by drivers while rock chips are still fixable, will keep upwards of 8,000 old windshields from ending up in the landfill every year. When left unfixed, windshield chips can quickly grow into large cracks that damage your windshield far beyond repair. The longer you leave them, the worse the cracks will get. It will be a lot more convenient for you to take advantage of ICBC's coverage for rock chip repairs while the chips are still fixable by visiting a Prince George auto glass repair shop such as All-West Glass. The skilled technicians at All-West Glass can fix up a rock chip in just a few hours, allowing you to drive safely home the very same day. Best of all, our repairs are guaranteed to meet Canadian automotive glass industry standards, giving you peace of mind. We use only high-quality urethane adhesives when fixing windshield chips, ensuring that the bonding holds and remains strong for a long time to come. With 100% of the cost of rock chip repairs covered by ICBC optional comprehensive coverage, and with the Prince George auto glass technician at All-West Glass on your side, there's no reason to let a rock chip cause any more damage to your windshield. All-West Glass has you covered with quick and quality repairs, so don't hesitate to visit one of our thirteen BC locations for rock chip repair today.


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