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Insurance Coverage For Auto Glass Repair

Unfortunately, British Columbian residents aren’t immune to chipped or cracked auto glass. The good news is that your auto insurance may cover the costs of auto glass repair or replacement. Here’s how auto insurance policies in B.C. typically handle auto glass issues and some tips on navigating the claims process. 


Understanding B.C. auto insurance policies 

In B.C., auto insurance policies often cover auto glass repair and replacement. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) typically covers windshield repairs without requiring a deductible, making it easier for drivers to address minor damages promptly. However, it’s important to note that coverage may vary based on your specific insurance plan and policy details. 

auto glass repair

Comprehensive coverage 

Comprehensive insurance is a crucial factor in auto glass repair in B.C. This coverage extends beyond basic liability insurance and often covers damages not caused by a collision, such as those resulting from vandalism, theft or flying debris. Your auto glass repair is likely covered if you have comprehensive coverage. 


The ICBC Glass Repair Program 

ICBC offers a unique advantage for B.C. drivers through its Glass Repair Program. Under this program, policyholders can access a network of pre-approved auto glass repair shops that have established partnerships with ICBC, including All-West Glass. The program simplifies the claims process, as the repair shop can send the billing and paperwork directly to ICBC, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of filing a claim or paying any upfront costs. 


Navigating the claims process 

Here are some tips for making a windshield claim through ICBC: 


  1. Report the incident promptly. If your auto glass is damaged, report the incident to your insurance provider immediately. Timely reporting can help streamline the claims process. 


  1. Provide accurate information. When filing a claim, provide precise information about the incident. This includes details such as when and where the damage occurred and any relevant documentation, like photos of the damaged auto glass. 


  1. Choose a reputable repair shop. ICBC has a long list of approved auto glass repair shops. Choose one with an established history of auto glass repair and good customer reviews


Why prompt auto glass repair matters 

Addressing auto glass issues promptly is crucial for safety reasons and can prevent the damage from spreading. A minor chip or crack can often be repaired, avoiding a complete replacement. Also, driving with a cracked windshield can lead to a fine under the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act


Auto glass repair in Prince George and Dawson Creek 

All-West Glass is an ICBC-approved auto glass repair and replacement service provider. We’ll conveniently repair your chipped or cracked windshield while handling the entire claims process. Contact us today to find a B.C. location near you and ask about the All-West Glass Green Card for ongoing discounts on auto glass repairs.


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