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5 Reasons Why Your Home Windows Leak

water leaks along window sill

Are there puddles under your windows after every rainstorm? Leaking windows can have various causes. Here are five possible reasons why your home windows are leaking, plus a few good reasons to do something about it.

  1. Missing or damaged seals. Damaged or missing sealant is the most common cause of window leaks and the first thing you should look for when you notice water entering your home during rainstorms. Replacing the sealant will not only keep water out of your house, but it’ll also stop drafts and improve the insulating quality of your windows. High-performance windows that are properly sealed can help lower your monthly energy bills.

  2. Improper installation. If your windows were installed by amateurs, it's highly likely they were installed incorrectly. Using poor-quality materials and hardware, plus improper installation techniques can lead to leaks and costly repairs. Prevent this problem by hiring only a reputable, experienced window installation company for your window replacement.

  3. Lack of window overhangs. Window overhangs are effective at diverting water away from your house and windows. Installing window overhangs may be a less expensive option than window replacement if you’re experiencing leaks.

  4. Problems with sills and fascia. Windowsills that angle water toward rather than away from the window will cause water to pool and eventually flow through the weep holes and other openings. Fascia that sits at a bad angle will do the same thing. Some simple adjustments can direct water away from your windows and out of your home.

  5. Condensation. Water puddled under your windows may be due to leaks, but condensation is caused by poor insulation around your windows. Investing in double- or triple-glazed windows can help alleviate the problem.

Not all moisture around your windows is caused by window leaks. Water may be running through your walls due to ice damming, clogged gutters or damaged shingles. If you spot dirt stains above your window frame, it’s a good indication that your walls are leaking, not your windows. Identifying the source of the leak before calling a professional can save you time and money.

Reasons to Repair or Replace Leaking Windows

Don’t ignore leaking windows, because moisture entering your home through window leaks can lead to the following problems:

  • It compromises the structural integrity of your home

  • It can lead to the growth of harmful mould

  • It can rot your flooring

Leaking and drafty windows will also increase your energy bills.

Windows and Doors in Northwest Canada

At All-West Glass, our wide array of window styles has something to suit any taste. Our window technicians provide expert installation or replacement services for homeowners, and our work comes with a one-year warranty. We serve residential and commercial clients in Edmonton, Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Kitimat and other locations across Northwest Canada. Contact us today to speak with one of our window experts.


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