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A woman looking out her window at the sun and stretching in the sunlight!

While natural light is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, it also has a number of other benefits for your health and your wallet.

For these reasons, you should consider updating your windows and doors so that they illuminate the space in your residential or commercial setting more effectively. Here are four benefits of increasing the amount of natural light in your home or office. 1. Improve your mood Natural light can have a positive influence on your mood. In fact, exposure to natural light is recommended as a way to regulate Seasonal Affective Disorder and can even be a preventive measure against depression. In general, spending more time in the sun will make you happier, so do yourself a favour and soak up some rays—just don’t forget your sunscreen! 2. Increase productivity Several studies have shown that exposure to natural lighting in the workplace leads to increased productivity. People tend to be more energetic when working in a naturally illuminated environment and therefore get more done. This makes home offices, studies and business settings great candidates for new windows that will brighten the room. 3. Easy on the eyes Artificial lighting can be harsh on your eyes, causing strain that can lead to vision impairment. Natural lighting is much better for your ocular health, as it makes it easier to see the things you use every day. In fact, natural lighting can be extremely beneficial to children and young adults, as it plays a key role in their eye development and can prevent potential issues with their vision. 4. Energy savings Another perk to having natural lighting in your home or commercial setting is that you’ll use less energy and thus save money. Natural light will help regulate your indoor temperature, thereby decreasing the need to use heating. It will also illuminate interior spaces, so you’ll no longer need to use artificial lighting during sunlight hours. A significant percentage of energy you use goes towards lighting and temperature regulation, so you’ll notice a huge difference in your expenses if you install windows and doors that allow you to use natural light instead. Install New Windows and Increase Your Natural Sunlight! If you want to increase the natural lighting in your home or business, consider installing new windows and doors with All-West Glass. We have several different styles for you to choose from and offer installation services for all our products. Contact us here with any questions or to begin your next renovation project today!


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