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Windshield crack repair

A windshield is an important component of your vehicle. When it’s in good condition, it helps keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe. Despite its durability, however, your vehicle’s windshield won’t last forever. What’s more, it can pose a serious hazard if its replacement is delayed. Here are three signs that it’s time to replace yours.

1. It’s irreparably damaged

Most small chips and scratches on a windshield can be quickly repaired by an automotive glass technician. If these small imperfections aren’t dealt with, however, they can expand and become a serious problem.

If a crack is longer than 7.5 centimetres or a chip is more than 2.5 centimetres in diameter, the windshield likely needs to be replaced. An automotive glass technician may also recommend replacing your windshield if it has multiple small cracks or if a crack is very deep. The location of the damage is also a factor. If a crack or chip is in the driver’s line of vision, along the edge of the glass or on the inside, the windshield needs to be replaced.

2. It’s causing visibility issues

A common cause of car accidents is poor visibility, so if damage to your windshield obstructs your view of the road at all, it needs to be tended to immediately. Even small, shallow cracks (referred to as pitting) can make it hard to see when direct sunlight or another vehicle’s high beams shine on your windshield.

If the cracks or chips are within the driver’s line of vision, it’s best to replace the windshield even if the damage is minor. This is because glass repairs can leave subtle traces that may be distracting to the driver.

3. It’s not structurally sound

A major purpose of the windshield is to protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident. If the glass is damaged, its structural integrity is likely compromised. This means your windshield is more likely to shatter in a collision.

Since an accident can happen at any time, it’s crucial that you have a damaged windshield repaired or replaced as soon as possible to ensure your safety and that of your passengers. If the glass’ structural integrity is compromised, repairs won’t be enough to restore its full strength and replacement will be necessary.

Windshield Repair and Replacement from All-West Glass

At All-West Glass, our team of government-certified automotive glass technicians is proud to offer same-day windshield crack repair and windshield replacement services. Your safety is our top priority, and we’re committed to providing high-quality work in Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. For more information about our automotive glass services, contact us today.


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