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Understanding Different Types of Windshield Damage and What You Can Do About Them

Oh no! Your windshield has been damaged! What do you do? Do you seek windshield replacement or would a repair be enough?


All-West Glass is your local expert for everything glass and we want to help you understand when you should be seeking windshield repair, and when you should be seeking windshield replacement. Read on to find out more about the damage and what you should do about it.

windshield damage

Types of Damage Your Windshield Can Suffer

There are a few different types of damage that your windshield can suffer:


Chips, or dings, are usually formed by flying rocks. A chip means a small piece of glass is missing. Professionals will often refer to these as “stone breaks” or “pits”.


If the chip doesn’t have any long cracks extending out from it, is less than an inch in diameter, and didn’t go all the way through the glass, then it can usually be easily repaired.



Cracks are one of the most frequent breakages treated by auto glass technicians. Cracks can be small, straight lines with starting and ending points or they can be longer with several branches protruding off the main line. Cracks cannot be repaired, so if your windshield has a crack, it should be replaced.



A third type of windshield damage is called a bullseye. It results from an object impacting the glass. Bullseyes are similar to chips but are usually non-repairable. They’re called bullseyes because they sport a circular pattern that looks like a dartboard.

Windshield Repair vs Windshield Replacement

So, you have damage to your windshield. Whether you need to have it replaced entirely or can simply get a repair done depends on several factors.


·       How Large is the Damage. The size of the damaged region on your windshield is perhaps the largest factor in whether or not you should repair or replace it. Generally, if the amount of damage is smaller than the size of a five-dollar bill, it can be repaired. Anything larger should warrant a replacement as repairs would be too difficult.


·       Where the Damage is Located. Where the damage is on the windshield is important. If the damaged part is in the view of the driver, then you should have the windshield replaced. Even if it is a small crack or chip, it can impair your vision.


·       The Amount of Damage Present. Smaller amounts of damage mean it’s easier to repair. For example, if you only have a couple chips, then you can probably go for a windshield repair service. However, if you have multiple chips and they are in your line of sight, then you should consider having your windshield replaced.


·       Other Questionable Locations. Even if the crack or chip is not within your line of vision, you might still need to replace the windshield. If the damage is located in the corner of the windshield, it can compromise the integrity of the glass, meaning it could shatter or break unexpectedly. You should also keep in mind that, no matter where the crack or chip is, you may get ticketed by the police for having unsafe equipment.


Contact the Auto Glass Experts

Whether you need a windshield repair or windshield replacement, you can trust the experts and All-West Glass to get the job done right. Just give us a call!


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