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3 Ways to Protect Your Auto Glass from the Summer Heat

sun shining on car windshield

Summer heat can harm your car’s windshield, especially if it has a rock chip or minor crack. Heat stress can cause these cracks to grow, quickly leading to a costly auto glass replacement. If you don’t have time right now for auto glass repairs, follow these tips to protect your damaged windshield from the summer heat.

1. Park in the shade

Parking your car in the sun exposes the windshield – and your car’s other components – to extreme temperatures. On a day with a temperature of 35 C, the cabin temperature in your vehicle can reach 47 C after just one hour of sitting in the sun, and the dashboard can get to a searing 69 C. That heat puts severe stress on your auto glass and can cause minor cracks and chips to grow.

Whenever possible, park your car in the shade. A garage or parkade is best, but a carport will do. If you can’t find a garage, look for a place under a tree or behind a building.

2. Go easy on the AC

After getting in your car and turning on the ignition, avoid the urge to immediately crank up the air conditioning. Rapid temperature fluctuations can cause the auto glass to expand and contract, causing minor cracks and chips to get bigger, and you may wind up needing a windshield replacement. Think of an ice cube cracking when you put it in warm water. Instead, cool your car gradually by lowering the temperature slowly on your car’s thermostat while you drive.

3. Avoid drive-through car washes

An automatic car wash puts tremendous pressure on your windshield, and small cracks will become more prominent. So, while you wait to get your windshield chip repaired, stick to hand washing your vehicle. Do it in the shade for the sake of your car and your personal comfort. You can also visit a coin-operated wand wash. If you don’t have the time for hand washing and need the convenience of an automatic wash, choose a touchless car wash.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Northwestern Canada

At All-West Glass, we aim to complete your windshield repairs the same day you bring in your car. Our qualified technicians will deliver speedy, professional service, and we’ll even help you with your insurance claim. Contact us today to book an appointment at one of our 18 locations serving Northwest Canada, including Whitehorse, Prince George, Smithers.

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