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Natural light is a welcome addition to most rooms in your home.

It creates a sense of well-being, saves on energy costs to light up your space, and has a positive impact on your overall health. Those sunrays are not always welcome on early Saturday mornings, though! If your bedroom window lets in too much natural light for a comfortable sleep, you may be looking for ways to minimize the light. Established glass and window companies can help you with strategic placement and product types that can help. If you need new home windows across Northwest Canada, the glass professionals at All-West Glass can recommend ways to limit the sunshine that enters your bedroom. If you don’t need new windows yet, consider the tips below. 5 Tips to Reduce Sunlight in the Bedroom Whether you need a sanctuary to sleep off-hours for shift work or simply enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, a dark room is preferable for many people when they are trying to get some rest. If new glass windows are not required for your home at this time, these temporary fixes can help reduce the sunlight that enters your room in the morning:

  • Curtains: The right set of curtains with a blackout liner can match the existing décor of your room while creating a dark environment for a restful sleep. If you prefer to let in some light throughout the day, consider layering curtains with opaque options and sheer curtains so that you can change the level of light to suit your needs throughout the day.

  • Shades: Shades provide a very effective method for blocking out light, but they can be more costly since they need to be fitted to your particular windows. You can choose the style, colour, and texture you prefer to create your ultimate haven.

  • Blinds: You won’t achieve complete darkness with blinds, since the spaces between each blind will let some light in. However, these can be a great option for adjusting light levels and enjoying a more gradual exposure to the morning light.

  • Decals: These inexpensive solutions can dim your windows without fully obstructing the rays. Many designs are available and they can be cut to fit your window pane. Choose a design and colour that you find appealing and enjoy a warm, less bright atmosphere to wake up in each day.

  • Eye Mask: If you have oddly shaped windows that are difficult to obstruct, or have a sleeping partner who prefers different light levels, an eye mask can be a useful and inexpensive solution. They come in many different fabrics and styles, and can be taken on trips if you find yourself traveling frequently.

Contact All-West Glass to discover more long-term solutions for an overly bright bedroom. We provide glazing options to reduce UV ray penetration and custom glass installation for clients across Northwest Canada and have a team of friendly technicians with years of experience to answer your questions. Visit one of our 19 convenient locations across Northwest Canada today or fill out an online contact form.


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