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All-WestGlass: modern open concept windows

Here are a few trends to look out for in 2018:

At All-West Glass, we like to keep you informed of the latest trends in windows and window design so you can decide which styles are here to stay and which will soon be forgotten. Whether you live in Edmonton, Prince George, British Columbia or the Yukon, windows are important to think about. You obviously want them to be functional, bringing light into your home without losing heat. At the same time, being functional doesn’t mean they can’t add to the beauty of your home. • Stained glass One of the most intriguing trends that we’ve been seeing rise in 2017 is the comeback of a very old technique: stained glass. When used as an accent on windows in a door, stained glass can add a little classic beauty to what would otherwise be purely functional windows. Because it’s a little more expensive, we’re not sure if this trend is going to catch on anyone but the most fashion-conscious but it is a great way to make your home uniquely beautiful. • Energy efficiency For years, the emphasis on not only making your home beautiful, but helping the environment at the same time has only been gaining steam. We see no sign of this trend slowing down. Even when it comes to your windows, you can get in on this trend. Choosing window companies that offer Energy Star windows that let good light in but keep harmful UV rays out can not only help the environment, it can save you money on your Edmonton heating bill as well. • Black and white is back For the past few years, looking “modern” has meant looking sleek and efficient, having clean lines and a minimalist approach. In 2018, look for this to translate into a lot of stark black and white colours for windows. People have been updating this classic look, however, by getting creative with different shades of black and white or adding interesting accents of colour strategically, to make specific features really catch the eye. • Oversized windows Perhaps one of the strongest trends that will continue into 2018 has been larger windows that often doubling as outside doors. Going green means more than just helping the environment. It means bringing the inside and outside of your home closer together aesthetically too. Even if you live in Edmonton or Prince George, BC, with glazed glass, you can have French windows that open onto nature. Connecting the interior and exterior of your home is a great way to feel connected with nature. At All-West Glass, we want to be the best all-service glass shop in Northwestern Canada. If you need windows in Edmonton, Prince George, BC, the Yukon, or many other locations, contact us today to find out how we can help you make your design dreams a reality.


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