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Window design trends for 2020

You have immense creative freedom when it comes to replacing your windows, so reading up on current trends might help to give you some direction.

There are several practical reasons to update your windows, but the most exciting part is getting the opportunity to revamp such an integral feature of your home. Modernity Windows in 2020 are nothing if not modern. They’re big and bold, all straight edges and sharp corners. Homeowners are gravitating towards square or rectangular panes with as little frame as possible. Minimalism is key here. The frames we’re seeing the most often this year are thin and simple, usually in a dark colour. Fixed Windows Since bigger is better when it comes to windows this year, people are sacrificing operability for size. Essentially, windows can be made much larger if they can’t open and, while inoperable windows aren’t for everybody, many homeowners are jumping on this trend. We’re seeing them pop up as dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows and cute corner windows alike. Casement Windows If you’re looking for an operable window style that’s fresh and modern, casement windows are the perfect choice. These windows come with minimal framing and the crank used to open and close them can be tucked out of sight, providing a clean and uncluttered look. Lining up two or three casement windows in a row is a popular trend that will make any room look bright and spacious. Eco-friendly Not all window trends are concerned with esthetics. More and more importance is being placed on being eco-friendly. Thanks to their energy efficiency, panes with a low-emittance glaze and argon or krypton gas filling are becoming increasingly popular. These features reduce heat transfer between the interior and exterior, thereby decreasing the amount of electricity required to regulate your home’s temperature. It’s a win-win situation, as it both saves you money and has a positive impact on the environment! Replace Your Windows in Grande Prairie Replacing your home’s windows can seem like an overwhelming task, but, with All-West Glass it’ll be an absolute breeze! With the wide range of styles we’ve got on hand, you’ll have no problem keeping up with this year’s trends. Once you’ve come to a decision, you can trust us for speedy and high-quality installation. To learn more about our services or to book a consultation about your windows, contact our Grande Prairie location today.


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