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windshield replacement dawson creek

Summer driving season is almost here, which means you need to be ready for anything including rain, snow, ice, and other potentially damaging forms of moisture.

While usually these liquids just accumulate on the outside of your car, when you have a crack or leak in your windshield, you might find excess water in your car – which could result in expensive repair costs. Your windshield often gives off signs it is weakening, and this will result in a leak. By knowing what to look for, you can catch a leak early. You can then take it to a professional for auto glass repair in Dawson Creek and avoid damaging the interior of your car.

How to Inspect Auto Glass in Dawson Creek like a Pro

Ready to do a quick at-home check? Once you confirm there is a leak, bring your car into All-West Glass Dawson Creek for auto glass replacement. We can do a same-day glass repair, whether it means resealing the glass, fixing a crack, or replacing the window entirely. To see if you have a potential leak, you might notice a few of the following: Do a Soapy Water Test: Take advantage of the last few days of fall by doing a quick wash and soapy water test. Take a bucket of soapy water and pour it over the trim of your windshield. Using an air nozzle, spray from the inside of your vehicle around the seals of the windshield and look for bubbles forming on the outside. If you see bubbles, you have a leak. Use a Hose: Use your garden hose and gently pour water over the windshield. Have someone sit inside the vehicle and listen for sounds of water draining internally, but also look for any small drips of water or moisture. Smell the Inside: When you have a persistent water leak from your windshield, you might notice a musty or damp smell inside of the car – almost stale-like. This smell means may indicate that you have mold and mildew starting to grow, which indicates a long-term leak. Moisture Inside Your Vehicle: When you go to your car in the morning or even in the afternoon after the sun shines on it, do you notice moisture build-up or foggy windows? This shows excess moisture from the inside, which can indicate a leak. Discolouration on the Inside: Look over your dashboard, fabric, and other parts of the interior for any signs of discolouration. While this can occur from regular wear and tear and sun, it is also an indication of water leaking inside. It is important for you to take your car in for regular maintenance. While it could be the windshield, there are other causes of water on the inside of your vehicle, such as a broken air conditioner or a sunroof leak. If the issue is your windshield, you have a team ready to help with your glass replacement in Dawson Creek. All-West Glass offers auto glass repair and replacement services, and now is the perfect time to replace your windshield before snow and ice accumulation this winter. Come visit us for auto glass repair in Dawson Creek and the surrounding area. You can also reach us online to learn more about our glass repair services.


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