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How to Clean Frosted Glass Doors and Windows

exterior view of home with frosted window glass

Frosted glass windows and doors have the dual benefit of allowing natural light into your home while retaining your privacy. However, manufacturing frosted glass produces a pitted surface on one side that requires unique window maintenance and cleaning techniques. Here are some tips for how to clean frosted glass.

What You’ll Need to Clean Frosted Glass

Gather these supplies before you start cleaning your frosted glass:

  • Paper towels

  • Microfibre cloths

  • Ammonia or other alkaline glass cleaner

Keep in mind that ammonia evaporates faster than other cleaning materials, so it’s less likely to leave streaks. Vinegar is an acid, not alkaline, so it’s not the best product for frosted glass.

Clean Frosted Glass in Three Easy Steps

Now that you have everything ready, follow these three steps to clean your frosted glass:

  1. Apply the ammonia with a spray bottle and wait a few moments to let the chemicals break down grease and dirt on the glass.

  2. Wipe off the cleaning solution with a paper towel. Paper towels are rough enough to scrape away lodged-in dirt but gentle enough that they won’t scratch the glass. Wipe in a circular motion to avoid streaking.

  3. Finally, wipe down the glass with a microfibre cloth. The cloth won’t leave behind fibres or particles on the etching and does an excellent job of removing any residual streaks and grime.

Cleaning Frosted Glass in Bathrooms

Frosted glass in bathrooms can be more challenging to clean. Soap scum and hard water minerals can be tough to remove. Before following the steps listed above, take these preliminary steps:

  1. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a few cups of water and a drop of dish soap.

  2. Apply the mixture with a paper towel. Let it sit on the glass for about a minute before wiping it away.

  3. Rinse the glass with water, then follow the steps outlined above.

Repeat this process if needed.

Cleaning Products to Avoid Using on Frosted Glass

Some everyday household cleaning products can damage frosted glass. Stay away from:

  • Cleaners containing citrus or other acidic products

  • Toilet bowl cleaner because it’s acidic and too harsh

  • Scratchy products like steel wool, abrasive cleaning pads and pumice stones

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